When a Trusted Concord Dentist Helps You Breathe Clearly and Deeply

Committing to appointments with a skilled Concord dentist may not only aid your oral health in the long term – your breathing will have some benefits as well.


A Skilled Dentist from Concord, CA Helps Eliminate Snoring Episodes

Such an ailment, also called sleep apnea, can be too visible to ignore among Americans. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine reports that 25 million people across the country suffer from various degrees of sleep apnea. They, in turn, indirectly contribute to non-communicable diseases such as Type II diabetes and certain cardiac ailments. If you are also afflicted with sleep apnea and are seeking quality solutions, a dentist from Concord, CA like Dr. Kent Davis will be the right person to consult.

Now You Have White Teeth, Listen to Your Dentist

Teeth whitening procedures, like the in-house bleaching treatments you’ll get from a dentist in Concord, California, are designed to last for a long time—maybe even indefinitely. That said, their effects can be undone if you fail to follow your dentist’s orders.

For instance, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything at all (except water) at least an hour after you got your pearly whites cleaned and treated. In fact, you must refrain from smoking and eating certain foods that stain (like ketchup and chocolate) for at least 48 hours to give your whitening treatment(s) time to work their magic. Depending on the treatment you received, you may also need to avoid over-the-counter whitening gels and toothpastes for at least a month to prevent adverse reactions. Continue reading

Snoring Solution: Have a Good Night’s Sleep Again

While you can’t blame your partner for keeping you awake throughout the night due to loud snoring, you have to do something about it before inadequate sleep takes its toll on you. You have to talk to your partner and convince them to consider consulting a professional.

Snoring is caused by the narrowing on the airway when a person is asleep. It can be triggered by poor sleep posture or abnormalities in the larynx. This occurrence can be associated with many various factors, including age, narrowness of air passages, and even vices like alcohol and smoking. Continue reading

Lost a Tooth? Replacements are Available

People lose teeth naturally, but sometimes it can be from accidents. If a fall knocks out one of your teeth, it’s best to have it reattached as soon as possible. If it can’t be done, a reputable dental practice can provide several solutions, as discussed below.


Dentures are versatile solutions that can replace anywhere from a single tooth to an entire set of teeth. A partial denture is applicable for someone who needs only one tooth or a few teeth replaced. The denture may be supported by adjacent natural teeth, which would need to be shaped to host the crowns supporting the replacement. Continue reading

What You Should Know About Green Dentistry

The green movement is well on its way to taking over practically all industries, businesses, and most importantly, the individual consciousness. Thanks to innovations in environmental protection technology, even dental practices are transitioning from traditional methods, especially those that have been found to be potentially hazardous.

The transition involves the adoption of measures such as eco-friendly sterilization, strict compliance with existing community waste management and recycling programs, and use of the latest, energy-efficient technology. Continue reading

Teeth Whitening Tips: Visit a Concord Dentist and Resist Some Wines

“Acids in wine, particularly red wine, are strong enough to wear and leave stains on teeth’s enamel. Brushing alone won’t be enough to remove the deep-seated stain, so it’s pointless to brush harder (aside from risking bleeding gums). However, avoiding red wine just might be out of the question in a Concord lifestyle. Besides, some studies have linked red wine to cavity prevention.

The best way to get your teeth’s sparkling white color back is by going to a reputable Concord dentist like Dr. Kent Davis of sm:)e Family Dentistry for proper treatment. However, you may also want to keep the following tips in mind.”